About Me

Ok so you wanna know a little somethin' about me....well my name is Megan and I live in the beautiful state of New York with my hubby, 2 boys and very feminine and delicate bulldog. I had a website of my own for almost 8 years "Raggedy Old Souls" which featured my prim ragdolls and other stuff I made. I loved having my site, I had a huge following where I met some really awesome people from all over the world but it seems to me that the "prim dollie" world is moving in another direction now...the blogging world! 
So here I am! I love all things primitive and shabby! I especially LOVE anything Halloweenie! I collect witches...I leave them out all year! I have always loved spookee things...cemeteries, scary movies, ghosts, hauntings etc. I am absolutely intrigued and a little obsessed with anything having to do with ghosts and hauntings! I LOVE all those shows on The Travel Channel, History Channel, SciFi!!!
I also love to read. I collect books on Ghosts, Hauntings, True Crime and Celebrity Deaths and Resting Places...I have over 400 books! I am a bit of a freak when it comes to this stuff! Maybe it's because I come from a family of police officers or maybe I'm just a little odd but to each his own right!
I love to create! I used to be a fine artist...I did many a portrait and sold pieces privately, mostly sports pieces, sports being another love of mine. I still play softball every Spring, Summer and Fall. My husband who was an awesome athlete in High School and College also plays softball and coaches our boys in baseball and basketball. We've been together since the 10th grade so I've seen him in all his glory...he may not be throwing an 80 mph fast ball anymore but he still leads his softball teams to the championships! 
Like I said before we have 2 boys who I adore! There's nothing better in this world then watching my boys play baseball, basketball and coming this Fall....football! God please help me not scale the fence and run out on the field when they take a hit!
So there's some info on yours truly. I hope you found me a little interesting and maybe somewhat amusing.